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  • Did you know that some foods are designed to create food cravings? You eat them and then you want more. And more. And we all know where that's leading. To weight gain. And that leads to a slew of health problems. We see them all around us.
  • Wouldn't it be brilliant if there were foods that SATISFY? Foods that give you a pleasantly full feeling... foods that eliminate the intense cravings for more?
  • Good news is... there are! And you'll discover dozens of them in "Feel Full Foods".
  • The little-known information revealed here has the power to transform your relationship with food.
  • Imagine feeling COMFORTABLY FULL after a meal.
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Component #1 - Report

Feel Full Foods
Discover A Wonderful Range of Fruit & Vegetables You Can Eat To Feel Full

appetite control foods that suppress cravings
  • Some fruit and veggies help you FEEL FULL. Some don't. Or not so much.
  • This well-researched, well-written report identifies the fruits and vegetables that DO. For many people, this is break-through information, and it's not about appetite control pills!
  • Use this well-researched, well-written content on your sites, or GIVE it away. Edit and brand it to make it your own, or use it just as it is.
  • Contains: 10 pages, 2153 words provided in .doc, .docx, .pdf, and .txt formats.
  • Included: A customizable HTML opt-in page so you can easily offer it to your contacts. See it in Component 4 below.

Component #2 - Articles

10 High Quality Natural Health Articles/Blog Posts


Post Them Online to Build Your Site's Authority and to Give Your Readers Great Content

Included: .doc, .docx, .txt, and .pdf files

Appetite Biology 101
699 words
Appetite Control Strategies
806 words
Bloating: The FODMAP Connection
418 words
Five Heart Healthy Replacement Foods
679 words
Foodless Foods That Can't Satisfy
455 words
What Are The Best Foods For Constipation?
601 words
What Are The Worst Foods For Constipation?
613 words
Why You Always Feel Hungry - The Food Reasons
529 words
Why You Always Feel Hungry - The Non-Food Reasons
525 words
Why You Should Reject All Those Low-Fat Eating Plans
659 words

Component #3 - Posters

8 Viral Health Quote Posters


Included: Both .jpg and editable .psd files
Included: Text file with the quotes, to post on Social Media

Component #4 - Promotional Tools

Opt-In Page, Download Page, Ecovers, Marketing Emails


In this package, you get:

"Feel Full Foods - Discover A Wonderful Range of Fruit & Vegetables You Can Eat To Feel Full"

And for this report, you get these marketing tools:

Ecovers and email swipes to help you promote (.txt)
Opt-in page so you can give it away
Matching download page, with both provided in HTML so you can edit and upload. See the "Notes for bloggers and webmasters" in the FAQ.
Here's what the opt-in page looks like...


Easy and Natural Appetite Control

What Others Say About the
Easy and Natural Appetite Control

Kate Benzin

Gary has entered the PLR scene blazing hot with top-quality, well-researched PLR on the topic of Appetite Control, content that will improve every website related to health and nutrition.

This package is comprehensive, with explanations for those who like to understand how everything works and tips aplenty.

Gary (who I've known since our early Kindle days) has started his PLR business in a way that will ensure his reputation as the go-to guy for health info. If you have a health website, do yourself a favor and get this package during the launch phase. Your readers will love you!

Kate Benzin

Peggy Hazelwood

Gary Harvey has cracked the code on appetite control. As someone who suffers from the constant "hungries," as Gary calls that feeling of always being hungry, I eagerly read his well-written, info-packed articles. Gary tackles the tough subjects of feel full foods and ways to eat that are truly healthy, not faddish.

I love the quote posters in this health package that really drive home the information in the articles.

For your health blog or website, you can't go wrong with Gary's Appetite Control Made Easy package. Note: I've had the pleasure of Gary's acquaintance online in several writing ventures.

Peggy Hazelwood

Les Blythe

Quality overdelivered! Gary Harvey's Appetite Control is an amazing first release by a new PLR producer. He has gone all-out to deliver huge value - and it shows! Readers in the health niches are going to lap this up.

And what a terrific topic. One that connects with so many people - appetite management. Well researched and well written. This is personable writing with solid content. It's a WINNER and highly recommended.

I've known Gary as an online friend and fellow writer for several years and it's great to see his confidence in tackling something as big as this.

Les Blythe

Susan O'Dea

Many people ask us to promote their content, and unfortunately we have had to decline to quite a few providers, due to the quality of the content they offer.

We certainly don't want our customers buying anything we wouldn't happily use ourselves. Not only is our reputation is at stake, but so are our customers if the content they publish isn't of a high standard.

So when Gary asked us to review his content we both looked with critical eyes, as we always do. Geoff and I both read quite a few articles and certainly give it our stamp of approval. Of course, I had questions, as it was so good I wanted to know if Gary himself was the writer. To hear he was made me love it even more, as I knew he knew EXACTLY what was in the packages. Gary obviously doesn't want to risk his reputation either.

We would happily use Gary's content in our own niche websites, and we'll be letting our customers know they'll find quality content in his packs.

Susan O'Dea

Joanne Reid

What struck me about Gary’s articles is his no-nonsense approach to calling out the diet nonsense. It’s a long story, but I have been a victim of diet trickery for many years, and I studied nutrition at the beginning of my university career. I have a built-in nonsense detector when it comes to writing about appetite issues.

Gary uses intelligent studies to back up his articles and this gives them the authority that can so often be missing in articles about appetite control. The articles are crisply written and pull no punches in discussing everything from appetite suppressing supplements to constipation.

Gary’s PLR is honest, refreshing, well-documented, and not at all skimpy in the information provided.

In one article, the phrase “heart-healthy eating (let's not call it a diet, okay?)” resonated with me.

Quality, facts, and opinion make this must-have PLR for those in the health field. I’ve been in discussion with Gary online for some time now and admire his research abilities and thoroughness.

Joanne Reid

Arun Chandran

I've watched Gary, slowly and methodically work on his PLR launch over the past few months.

Unlike several marketers whose idea of releasing products is to shoddily rehash content and throw it out there to make a quick buck, Gary has actually taken time and effort to do an excellent job.

Quality takes time... and it shows here. His PLR content is well-written, detailed and interesting. Definitely worth getting.

Arun Chandran

Get access to the complete Appetite Control Made Easy & Natural Package right now for just $19.50. Here's everything you will get!

  • Report: Feel Full Foods - Discover A Wonderful Range of Fruit & Vegetables You Can Eat To Feel Full
  • 10 Original Health Articles/Blog Posts - each one 400-800 words
  • 20 Facebook Posts ready to use - 2 for each article/blog post
  • 20 Tweets ready to use - 2 for each article/blog post
  • 8 Viral Quote Posters + Text file with the quotes, to post on Social Media
  • Promotional tools - you get an opt-in page, download page, a set of ecovers and swipe emails to use in your promotions. Use them to ATTRACT NEW SUBSCRIBERS
  • BONUS: List of Clickbank health products you can promote to earn substantial affiliate commissions (typically 50%).

And here's another rave review
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Easy and Natural Appetite Control

BONUS: Included (at no cost) when you buy today!
Your personal use copy of...
The Lose Your Belly Diet PDF

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any OTOs?


I always like to know if there are any One Time Offers, and I'm guessing you do too. Right?

So let me tell you what's on offer right away...

  • Report: Just What Do You Mean, Natural Health? - And Does It Actually Work?
  • Report: Can The Plant Kingdom Heal You? - Discover The Healing Power of Foods and Herbs For 20 Health Complaints
  • 10 Original Health Articles/Blog Posts - each one 450-650 words
  • 20 Facebook Posts ready to use - 2 for each article/blog post
  • 20 Tweets ready to use - 2 for each article/blog post
  • 16 Viral Quote Posters + Text file with the quotes, to post on Social Media

What are my rights as a buyer?


I have only 2 restrictions:
1) Don't use my name on it. Add yours if you wish.
2) Don't pass the PLR rights to anyone. These are Non-Transferable PLR rights.

Do you offer refunds?


No, I don't, sorry. As per my FAQ, I follow the practice adopted by most PLR producers.

If you're wondering if my stuff is any good, you can either risk a few dollars to find out or spend some time reading the site. Start with the FAQ page, then use the Menu links at the top right of that page. And I'll see you back here soon!

Notes for bloggers and webmasters


You can offer the report "Feel Full Foods" to your contacts and others (for example, by posting to different Facebook interest groups and other social media). Those who are interested (and you don't want them if they're not) will see your offer and subscribe to get it. Bingo! Your list is growing.

Just add the code for your autoresponder or mailing list in the clearly-marked place in the HTML source code, and then upload. Change the footer links if you like, or delete that whole (clearly marked) section of the code. I suggest you leave the 3 sentences in the footer.

A web page and a matching download page are provided in (editable) HTML, and they come with all the necessary files. Easy peasy!

Also supplied are the images used in the document and ecovers (editable flat .psd cover plus several other .jpg or .png versions).


Easy and Natural Appetite Control
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